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Improve your English

1,000,000,000 (that's Billion!) people speak or are learning to speak English RIGHT NOW!  Don't miss out!

English has become the "universal language" or the "language used around the world".  As technology shrinks the size of the planet and allows for communication and commerce to commence across the globe, our need for a common language grows.  Businesses from China to Saudi Arabia, Germany to Brazil, and Kenya to Russia are using ENGLISH.

Whether you are a sales executive with English-speaking clients, a staff member wanting a promotion in your company, or a top-level executive needing improvement on your pronunciation for committee meetings - you need to improve your English.

Build your confidence! Studies show that the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to improve your English is to work with a NATIVE SPEAKER.  Not only do you learn proper English, but you learn EVERYDAY English - the English that is actually used by native English speakers. The more you speak, the more confidence you have.

Areas of teaching expertise:
    Speaking (includes pronunciation)
    Writing (business emails included)

Class sizes:
    Small conversational groups (2 - 5 students)
    Classrooms (7 - 12 students)

Client ages:
    University Students

With a business and sales background and an international Masters of Business Administration, I can teach you the language spoken in businesses.  I teach adults ranging from engineers to shoe-fit models, fathers going back to school to get their degrees to certified accountants, stay-at-home parents to top sales representatives.

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