Improve your English

1,000,000,000 (that's Billion!) people speak or are learning to speak English RIGHT NOW!  

Don't miss out! 

English has become the "universal language" or the "language used around the world".  As technology shrinks the size of the planet and allows for communication and commerce to commence across the globe, our need for a common language grows.  Businesses from China to Saudi Arabia, Germany to Brazil, and Kenya to Russia are using ENGLISH.  

Whether you are a sales executive with English-speaking clients, a staff member wanting a promotion in your company, or a top-level executive needing improvement on your pronunciation for committee meetings - you need to improve your English.  

Build your confidence! Studies show that the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to improve your English is to work with a NATIVE SPEAKER.  Not only do you learn proper English, but you learn EVERYDAY English - the English that is actually used by native English speakers. The more you speak, the more confidence you have.  

Areas of teaching expertise:    

- Speaking (includes pronunciation)    

- Listening     

- Reading     

- Writing (business emails included)     

- Grammar  

Class sizes:     

- Individuals     

- Small conversational groups (2 - 5 students)     

- Classrooms (7 - 12 students)  

Client ages:     

- Adults     

- University Students    

With a business and sales background and an international Masters of Business Administration, I can teach you the language spoken in businesses.  I teach adults ranging from engineers to shoe-fit models, fathers going back to school to get their degrees to certified accountants, stay-at-home parents to top sales representatives.


About Me

Learning English should be fun, easy, and intuitive!


I am passionate about teaching English to non-native speakers!  I understand how a person’s quality
of life can greatly improve due to professional benefits gained by improving his or her English.  I
also recognize the certain value in people all around the world being able to communicate with each
other in a common language to promote cross-cultural peace and understanding.  

International experience and training


I lived in Southern China teaching business and conversational English to adults  at factories and companies.  My students ranged from factory-line workers to small-company Vice  Presidents, from shoe-fit models to electrical engineers.  Teaching the different sets of English vocabulary  was extremely rewarding.  My clients hailed from around the world: Japan, Brazil, China, Romania, and Taiwan.   I currently live in Seattle, Washington where I teach individuals and at companies.  

I have an international Masters of Business Administration and 120-hours TEFL training including a business English certificate and a grammar certificate.  While earning my international MBA in Germany, I also assisted German business consultants with modifying their sales presentations for English-speaking potential clients.  I reviewed and edited dozens of international resumes to suit U.S. standards.  

my true passion is helping you improve


I have worked with people from all over the globe and have a passion for cultural understanding and sensitivity.  

I look forward to helping you unlock the door to the whole new world that English proficiency provides.



My fees are reasonable and competitive. 

Prices are determined based on the skill level of you or your group and the type of instruction you need (classroom-style vs. conversation).  Additionally, I consider currency exchange rates in my pricing. 

Multiple-class packages are available to save you money.

Ways to Pay:
In-person classes - I accept cash, paypal, and all major credit cards (no personal checks please)

Skype classes - paypal and all major credit cards